SquashLevels (WAL) - Boxes


    Latest boxes

    Boxes listed are for those with players with country set to WAL or new boxes.

     Abergavenny Boxes1-Nov to 31-Dec-201950
     Neston Boxes3-Nov to 29-Dec-201939
     Plymouth Life Boxes30-Oct to 30-Nov-201900
     Spelthorne League21-Oct to 30-Nov-2019312
     Exeter University Boxes11-Nov to 30-Nov-201900
     Wells Squash Club Boxes7-Oct to 24-Nov-2019538
     NARBERTH BOXES1-Sep to 30-Sep-201966
     Oakleigh Park Boxes31-Aug to 30-Sep-201900
     St Peters Burnley Junior Boxes1-Sep to 29-Sep-201910
     Abergavenny Summer Handicap16-Jul to 31-Aug-2019324
     RAF Brize Norton1-Jun to 30-Jun-201920
     Cardiff Medics19-Feb to 12-Apr-2019733
     RAC Boxes13-Mar to 31-Mar-201900
     Finchley Manor boxes19-Oct to 13-Dec-201814141
     Daventry Internal Leagues7-Nov to 30-Nov-201800
     Dorking Boxes9-Nov to 30-Nov-201800
     Llandeilo Boxes1-Nov to 30-Nov-2018513
     Mid Kent Area Junior League9-Jun to 9-Jun-2018747
     David Lloyd Purley Boxes28-Mar to 6-May-2018927
     Rhiwbina Boxes24-Aug to 31-Aug-201700
     Harrow Leisure Boxes2-Jul to 31-Jul-201700
     Radlett Box Leagues13-Dec to 31-Dec-201600
     Horn Park League17-Mar to 31-Mar-201600
     Squash du Pays d'Aix boxes1-Dec to 31-Jan-201630